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Suga, also known as Yoongs, is famous for his white teeth and bright smile. BigHit/YouTube


  • Suga recently held his three-night 'D-Day' tour in Japan
  • The K-Pop idol reassured fans that BTS will be back as a group
  • BigHit revealed content and activities for BTS Festa 2023

"Music Genius" Suga, who also performs as Agust D, teased fans who attended his concert in Japan with a comeback concert with the rest of the BTS members.

On Friday, Suga kicked off the continuation of his "SUGA | Agust D 'D-Day' Tour" in Japan. The rapper continued to showcase his wide musical spectrum in the sold-out three-night concert held at Pia Arena MM in Kanagawa, before heading to Bangkok and Singapore, and wrapping up his tour at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in South Korea.

The second night of the concert in Japan was simultaneously live-streamed in theaters in over 50 countries worldwide, so fans who weren't able to watch in person could still see Suga perform.

During the concert, Suga urged Japanese ARMYs to cheer louder. Culturally, as a sign of respect, Japanese people tend to enjoy listening to music and concerts without making loud noises.

But at Suga's prompt, J-ARMYs who attended the concert poured much energy into cheering for the BTS member, as if only waiting for permission to scream.

"Ani, see? You can do it! You understand, right?" Suga told the crowd.

"Next time, if I come to Japan again, you can welcome me and the [seven] members with a cheer like this," he said endearingly.

Suga also reassured the fans that BTS will be back as seven members, as they've always promised ARMYs.

"Next time we have a concert in Japan, we'll do it with [seven] people," he said, which was received with loud cheers from fans.

October 2022 was the last time BTS fans saw the group perform with seven members, during the "Yet to Come" concert in Busan — the last scheduled concert of the group before they announced their hiatus.

Some lucky J-ARMYs in the front area were also able to shake hands with Suga during the concert.

Suga's "D-Day" tour coincided with BTS' ongoing 10th anniversary celebration -- BTS Festa 2023 with the theme "BTS Presents Everywhere."

On May 31, BigHit dropped its first surprise for this year's Festa -- a new OT7 song featuring RM, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga and V. The song "Take Two" is slated to hit streaming platforms on June 9 (Friday), at 1 p.m. (KST).

While waiting for Suga's promise of a BTS comeback concert, fans can enjoy the numerous OT7 content the group has prepared for their anniversary celebration, even before members Jin and J-Hope enlisted in the military.

As of writing, BigHit has already displayed BTS billboards across the members' hometowns in Seoul, live-streamed past BTS concerts through BangBangCon and announced the first batch of Festa merchandise.

Korean pop band BTS taking a break to work on solo projects, in Seoul