Police were called to a Georgia McDonald’s after a man dressed as the Burger King mascot handed out free hamburgers to customers at the competing fast-food chain.

The McDonald’s outlet at 2215 Shorter Ave. in Rome, Ga., became the victim of the prank when a man in a Burger King costume entered the golden arches with free hamburgers and began taking pictures with McDonald’s customers, according to the Rome News-Tribune.

While McDonald’s employees were probably not laughing at the prank, video of the incident has more than 6,400 views on YouTube. Users of the video site apparently did find the prank funny, with the clip drawing 145 likes and only six dislikes.

The prank was the work of The Woodcreek Faction, a self-described "American surreal comedy group," which uploaded the video.

In the video, which can be viewed below, the man poses for pictures with children, dances in the McDonald’s, and offers free hamburgers to customers waiting in line.

The man is then shown in the driver’s seat of a white Acura with his hands up and his Burger King costume still on.

A manager at the McDonald’s then stopped the man, with audio of the exchange shown over an image of the Burger King with his hands up.

When asked why he showed up to the McDonald’s as the Burger King, the man said: “This is for charity. It’s for a children’s charity and we’re raising money.”

But the manager was skeptical, asking how the man’s antics could raise money when he was giving out burgers for free.

“It raises awareness for everything,” he said.

The manager asked why the man didn’t get permission before performing the stunt.

“Anything for the kids, I don’t ask anything,” he replied, adding that he’s raising the money “for everybody. It’s for the world. It’s for all the children.”

The manager then said she would call the police, and officers with the Rome Police Department showed up in response to a “suspicious person,” according to the Rome News-Tribune.

In a report on the incident, the police department said one child ran away from the Burger King because it made him scared, the newspaper reported.

The man then jumped into a white Acura and took off his mask. He “appeared to be middle-age male with dark hair,” according to the News-Tribune.

The paper said the vehicle that the Burger King mascot got into was a 2001 Acura owned by a man in Calhoun, Ga., about 30 miles northeast of Rome.

The Woodcreek Faction denied the police version of events.

"No McDonald's employees or the manager asked the King to leave," the group said in its description of the YouTube video. "In fact, the McDoanld's manager didn't stop the King until he was in his Whoppermobile attempting to leave."