The Cleveland Fire Department reported that a car had crashed through the fence around the Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio, on Sunday.

“Right now. Passenger car has crashed through the fence and onto Burke lake front airport runway,” CLE Firefighters-L93 tweeted around 10 p.m. EDT on Sunday.

Not many details about the incident were immediately available except the fact that an unknown driver had driven the car through the fence and into the runway after running off the road. He or she had then abandoned the vehicle and fled from the scene before authorities arrived at the scene, Fox8 reported. 

The Cleveland police are currently investigating the incident and searching for the runaway driver.

Local reporter Lacey Crisp said the car in question was a Mercedes convertible and a similar incident had happened once before in the last two years.

Photos of the incident circulated on social media showed a gaping hole in the fence where the car crashed through. A loader was brought to the scene, as seen in one of the photos, as the airport crew tried to fix the fence.

It is not clear if any planes were delayed at the airport due to the crash. International Business Times has reached out to the Burke Lakefront airport for a comment.

This is a developing story.