• Busy Philipps spoke candidly about her quarantine period with her husband Marc Silverstein
  • Dwayne Johnson admitted that he and his wife have butted heads amid the lockdown
  • Emily Ratajkowski said that many couples could end up divorcing after the quarantine period

Busy Philipps admitted that quarantining with husband Marc Silverstein is challenging because they sometimes get on each other's nerves.

Many couples admitted that the lockdown has affected their marriage in a way because it forced them to spend time together longer than they usually do. The “Busy Tonight” host got candid on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected her marriage.

“It’s the worst. I mean, I obviously couldn’t do it without him, but ugh,” the “I Feel Pretty” star told Us Weekly.

“Listen, it’s been a process — like everything — but we have been making a point to make sure … that the other one gets time to themselves.”

Philipps shared how they spend their quarantine period at home. According to her, Silverstein enjoys sitting outside by himself in the midday.

Whenever he is out, she doesn’t text him or ask him about anything. He could do anything like check his phone or check Twitter and do other things.

Philipps also has her own “me time” which she calls “balcony time.”

“I prefer the evening [or the] afternoon when I know all the kids’ homework, everything is done and they’re just playing or watching TV or doing whatever they’re doing,” she said. “I go up onto my balcony. I call it balcony time.”

Philipps and Silverstein also make it a point to have nice dinners together. Silverstein is very good at cooking, so he cooks for them. Then, he would bring their meals to the balcony and they would eat out there together.

“We just do some family time, but also a lot of times it’s just me and Marc. It’s nice,” the “Dawnson’s Creek” alum said.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson also admitted that he and his wife have butted heads during the lockdown. The “Fast and Furious” star offered marital advice to couples who experience the same.

The Rock encouraged everyone to be better listeners and better communicators. He also playfully suggested for couples to “make some more babies.”

Emily Ratajkowski is also quarantining with her husband and they are doing good. However, the model believes that many will split after the lockdown.

“It’s been interesting being in quarantine and married. I feel like a lot of people will end up divorced,” Ratajkowski said.

Busy Philipps
Actress Busy Philipps arrives at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's "A Night of Firsts" in celebration of the 2012 Golden Globe Award Season and the introduction of Miss Golden Globe in West Hollywood, California, Dec. 8, 2011. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas