• Cale Gundy has resigned after he said a "hurtful" word at a team meeting
  • Gundy claimed he read directly from a distracted player's iPad screen
  • Gundy's brother Mike has faced racism allegations in the past

Oklahoma Sooners wide receivers assistant coach Cale Gundy has resigned from his long-time position following a controversial incident at a team meeting last week.

Gundy, who has been with the program for 23 years, announced his departure in a lengthy Twitter statement Sunday night, wherein he mentioned the event leading up to the decision.

Gundy was addressing the team during a film session, and instructed players to take down notes. When he saw a player was distracted on his iPad, Gundy snatched the device from the latter, and read directly from it.

The former coach went on to say the words weren't related to the game, and he read a singular "shameful and hurtful" word unintentionally. Later in the note, Gundy spoke of accountability and taking responsibility, further adding he was leaving the program "heavy hearted."

The statement also mentioned he received massive support from players and coaches, while he was still considering this move.

Twitter users, however, stand divided over his resignation. A section of his supporters believe the player should be blamed for the wrongdoing, while others are of the opinion Gundy should have stopped after seeing the word.

"For everybody confused in these replies: If he can't say the word he used in the apology, we know what he said. And in 2022? Come on now. Also, it's not hard for a grown man to read something, process it, and then not say the word. That's a choice. But I'm sleep," a tweet read.

Another user mocked Gundy's explanation that he'd said the word without processing it.

"'There was a word. A bad word. In my defense, I can only read at a 4th grade level so when I said this unspeakable word, my brain hadn't processed said word. But word is that word got around about the word and now I have no job. Sorry but not sorry. See you at the FCS level'," the user wrote.

"Why whyte people always gotta make themselves the victim when they insult other people. If all black players stopped signing with OU how many wins they gonna have?" tweeted a third.

"You saw that word and didn't think about stopping," asked another.

Similarly, there was an outpour of love and support for the long-time fixture in Oklahoma football.

"Our family loves you, Coach. The manner in which you've led the program, led the room, and led in departure will continue to be a testament to these young men and the fans. Mixed emotions will eventually settle; you've set the tenor for consistency in accountability for all."

"I respect the transparency; however, you did nothing wrong. Being a leader can bring certain challenges, but this sounds nothing more than a small bump in the road. I hope the University works this out and keeps you, Coach!" mentioned another.

"Don't give in. You're far too great an asset to let any one mistake take you out. We love and respect you. Stay!!! Fight the good fight!" tweeted another.

Read Coach Gundy's statement below.

I moved to Norman fresh out of high school in 1990. It feels like I never left. I have devoted nearly all my adult life to Oklahoma football. My children graduated from OU; so did my wife. For almost three decades, this university has been my home, these players have been my family. Today, with great anguish, I announce my resignation. I apologize to those who are disappointed by this news... I owe it to Sooner Nation to be trasparent about what led to this decision: Last week, during a film session, I instructed my players to take notes. I noticed a player was distracted and picked up his iPad and read aloud the words that were written on his screen. The words displayed had nothing to do with football. One particular word that I should never — under any circumstance — have uttered was displayed on that screen. In the moment, I did not even realize what I was reading and, as soon as I did, I was horrified. I want to be very clear: The words that I read aloud from that screen were not my words. What I said was not malicious; it wasn’t even intentional. Still, I am mature enough to know that the word I said was shameful and hurtful, no matter my intentions. The unfortunate reality is that someone in my position can cause harm without ever meaning to do so. In that circumstance, a man of character accepts accountability. I take responsibility for my mistake. I apologize. While considering this decision, I have been overwhelmed by the love and support of those who know me, my character, and my love for this program. I truly appreciate the support my players and coaches have shown. That support means more to me that I can express; it proves what I've always known about #OUDNA -- we are a family, so thank you.

Head football coach Brent Venables shared a Twitter statement, acknowledging the acceptance of Gundy's resignation.

"It's with great sadness that I accept Coach Gundy's resignation. He's dedicated more than half of his life to Oklahoma Football and has served our program and university well," read a part of Venables' statement. L'Damian Washington is temporarily serving as the wide receivers coach.

Details about the word Gundy used, and which player's iPad he read from were not disclosed. In 2020, Gundy's brother Mike had faced renewed allegations that he called former football player Alfred Williams the N-word in 1989.

Tua Tagovailoa #13 of the Alabama Crimson Tide throws a pass against the Oklahoma Sooners during the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium on December 29, 2018 in Miami, Florida. This is a representational image.