A California man who attempted to jump across Devil’s Churn -- a narrow inlet on the Pacific coast with extreme currents -- fell and is presumed dead.

Steve Allen, 67, of Walnut Creek, California, tried to jump over the water passage at around 2 p.m. Thursday, Oregon State Police said in a statement.

The Devil’s Churn is considered dangerous as it is made of jagged rocks and has treacherous riptides and large waves, NBC News reported.

According to witnesses, Allen tried to leap across the churn, but he fell. He was then swept away by the current.

“It looks like you can jump across, but the other side is steep and slick,” Andy Nelson, an eyewitness, was quoted as saying by YachatsNews. “He just missed his footing and fell back into the water.” Nelson was at the site with his son when the incident happened.

Nelson along with 5-6 other bystanders attempted to rescue Allen by making a long line using belts, a dog leash and two shirts. They dropped the line 15 feet into the inlet. Allen was able to grab hold of the line for a short while. Bystanders also formed a human chain at the edge of the rocks to prevent another person from slipping and falling in the inlet.

At the same time, Nelson’s son Evan ran up to the Forest Service concession area in the parking lot to have someone alert emergency services. He returned to the inlet with a park ranger and a rope with a life ring.

Allen was able to hold on to the life ring for a while. But, bystanders were unable to pull him out of the water.

“It was cold … he was struggling,” Nelson told YachatsNews, adding: “And then it became hard for him to hold on. Then he let go. It was too late.” Allen allegedly had a “big” head injury when he was last seen by the rescuers.

“Troopers and emergency personnel responded to for a subject who had fallen into the ocean at Devils Churn,” the Oregon State Police said in the statement. “Fellow visitors attempted to rescue Allen but were unable to retrieve him from the water. Allen was last observed by rescue agencies unresponsive prior to losing sight of him.”

Emergency personnel suspended their search around 6.40 p.m. and declared Allen to be presumed dead.

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