• Authorities located multiple fires at the property
  • The construction company suffered at least $75,000 worth of damages
  • Fabian Vera was charged with multiple counts of arson

The former employee of a construction company in northern California has been arrested on suspicion of torching the business after he was fired from his job.

The accused arsonist, Fabian Vera, 36, was arrested on March 16 on multiple counts of arson charges following an investigation, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District announced Tuesday.

Vera was scheduled to be arraigned in court Tuesday, Mercury News reported.

The incident happened on March 10 at JFC Construction in Bay Point, Martinez. Firefighters were able to quickly contain multiple fires at the property, which had the potential to cause significant structural damages, according to News 24/680.

Authorities located at least three fires at different locations within the property. One fire was spotted near an F-250 utility truck, which extended to an outdoor storage rack containing spools of telecom cable. Another fire was spotted inside a wheelbarrow, approximately 30 feet from the burned vehicle and under a large roof overhang covering an exterior storage area, News 24/680 said. A third fire was located next to a stack of lumber in the storage yard.

The property sustained $75,000 worth of damages.

Surveillance footage showed Vera vandalizing the property before setting it ablaze and fleeing the scene. Vera's employers were reportedly having some problems with him of late, which led to his sacking.

The exact reason for Vera's termination wasn't immediately known. The Contra Costa County Sheriff's deputies had obtained an arrest warrant before taking Vera in custody.

Vera was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility, according to East County Today.

Last year, a man In Maine set a house on fire as he was upset that his mother sold it to a couple who wanted to convert it into a camp. Dwayne Weese was charged with arson in connection with the incident. The house endured only minimal damages.

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The suspects were charged with kidnapping, causing bodily harm and humiliation. pixabay