Camilla Luddington's character in "Grey's Anatomy" is ready to move on from her past and find love once again.

The actress, who plays Jo Wilson on ABC's hit medical drama, opened up about her character's love life, and if she'd consider taking her on-screen ex-husband, Alex Karev—played by Justin Chambers—back, if the opportunity arose, to People.

"I feel like [Alex] left in such a bad way. Like, how could you explain that letter? I feel like Jo has taken time to heal and move on. So I'm ready for that fresh love journey," Luddington, 38, said, at the "Grey's Anatomy" 400th Episode Celebration in Hollywood.

Chambers left the show in 2020, after 16 seasons. His character wrote four different letters to Jo Wilson, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), where he explained the reason for his sudden departure. Karev had decided to move to Kansas to be with his first wife, Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), and their 5-year-old twins.

"You deserve more than a letter. This right here, this cowardness, it's officially the worst thing I've ever done. It's about me, it's not about you. You deserve so much better than this. I love you, Jo. I love that you are brilliant and brave and no matter what you go through you never let it hold you back. It makes you stronger, kinder. You made me kinder. You love me for exactly for who I was and I loved you. I love you. Maybe it's not fair to say that but it's true. But this is also true: I'm in love with Izzie," Karev said in his letter to his second wife.

Camilla Luddington
"Grey's Anatomy" star Camilla Luddington showed off her growing baby bump in a shimmery Heidi Merrick dress with sheer sides styled with Casadei heels.  Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Because Karev is no longer in the picture, Wilson has moved on with her life — and has found a new love interest.

"She's dating a great guy now in Skylar Astin," Luddington said Thursday, referring to Astin's recurring character, Todd Eames.

"I love working with him. So I'm excited for the storylines [Jo] has right now," Luddington added.

The show has been renewed for season 19, according to Parade.