camilla and the queen
Last year, a body language expert claimed Camilla Parker-Bowles appeared ready to be queen based on her body language. The Duchess of Cornwall and Queen Elizabeth II are pictured visiting Barnardo's HQ in Barkingside on Dec. 10, 2013 in London. Chris Radburn - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Nearly one year ago it was speculated that Camilla Parker-Bowles had made a few public gestures to suggest she was ready to become the next queen of England.

In early Apri 2018, body language expert Judi James told the Daily Star that the Duchess of Cornwall’s actions during a trip to Australia made it appear she was ready to take over the throne alongside husband Prince Charles.

“Will Camilla be the next queen of England? Her body language and PR branding at the Commonwealth Games would confirm unreservedly to me that she will without any doubt,” James told the outlet at the time.

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While Prince Charles of Cornwall is next in the line to the British royal throne behind the current monarch, his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, James said Camilla took “the lead” during the royal trip.

“From her arrival in Australia we saw a very even-handed royal double act with Camilla even taking the lead at times rather than lagging behind reluctantly and waiting to be invited to join in by her husband as she has in the past,” she said.

James said Camilla’s fashion choices, “new status confidence,” and royal waves during the trip also clued her into her purported plans.

“Camilla has developed a new status confidence and uses signals of elevated status that would seem to announce the fact that she will be queen in her own right, rather than Charles’s consort,” James said.

“She led the royal wave at one point, standing apart from and slightly to the front of Charles as she did so and she mainly went solo on her crowd walkabouts rather than lurking by the prince’s side as she might have done in the early days of their relationship.”

After Prince Charles and Camilla wed in 2005, it was reported she would receive the title of title “princess consort” once Charles took over the throne. In recent years, this has changed, with reports now stating Camilla will instead be referred to as “queen consort” upon Charles’ reign.