Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles bragged about her connections to royalties before meeting her husband. Pictured: Bowles attends a State Dinner at Jubilee House on day six of the royal trip to west Africa on November 5, 2018 in Accra, Ghana. Getty Images/Joe Giddens-WPA Pool

Camilla Parker Bowles is being accused of bragging about being royalty even before she met Prince Charles in the 1970s.

Jessica Jayne, the author of “The Duchess of Cornwall: Camilla’s Story and Secrets,” Bowles’ ancestors and relatives have been close for centuries. Arnold Joost Van Keppel, a Dutch nobleman who accompanied Orange of Britain in 1688, became the first Earl of Albemarle in 1696. Alice Keppel, Bowles’ great-grandmother, was the mistress of King Edward VI.

As a young girl, Bowles boasted about her great-grandmother’s affairs with the King while studying at Queen’s Gate boarding school near Kensington Palace. At the age of 10, Bowles typically waltzed inside her classroom and urged the other students to bow before her.

“She wasn’t shy about telling her friends about Alice Keppel. She’d say, ‘My great-grandmother was a lover of the King. We’re practically royalty,’” Jayne said (via Express).

Christopher Wilson, a royal writer, claimed that Alice was Bowles’ biggest inspiration. He also said that Bowles’ even-tempered personality was something that she inherited from King Edward VI’s mistress.

“Camilla saw how you could be a successful support to someone in an exposed public position. She learned a great deal from Alice and was able to enact it for herself.”

Victoria Glendinning, a royal historian, also said that Alice’s sexual morals of an alley cat, as well as her sexual faithfulness to her husband, wasn’t a value to her. During her time, Alice shocked the world after she got pregnant three times with three different men. Her time in the royal family’s circle ended in 1910 after the King passed away.

Alice passed away on Sept. 11, 1947, after succumbing to her liver cirrhosis. Bowles was born just seven weeks before her great-grandmother passed away. In her early 20s, Bowles met Prince Charles at a polo match, and this is where their love story began.

But after dating for a short time, the couple split due to Prince Charles’ obligation to join the Royal Navy. They rekindled their romance years later before Prince Charles wed Princess Diana.