Camilla Parker Bowles is reportedly the “secret weapon” to make Prince Charles “more civilized.”

The Prince of Wales can be demanding and sometimes cold. However, his second wife, Camilla, is the perfect antidote to his temper.

According to Penny Junor in her 2017 biography “The Duchess: The Untold Story,” Camila became the “secret weapon” in the royal household when it comes to keeping Prince Charles warm.

When the staff meets Prince Charles for the diary meetings, they find the process “painful.” The future king is always hot so he wants the windows open even if it’s freezing cold outside leaving them sitting there shivering. Camilla made their lives easier because when she’s around, she shuts the windows.

“It did make him behave a little bit better, because when she wasn’t there, boy could he kick off!” Junor wrote.

“But when she was there, it was a bit calmer, a bit warmer, a bit more civilised.”

Camilla and Prince Charles’ marriage isn’t perfect, especially when they just moved in together because they have clashing personalities. Camilla has always been untidy while Prince Charles is obsessive with order and tidiness. They also had different work ethics, and Camilla was struggling to keep up with him.

Their heir apparent has a terrible temper and can be moody. Meanwhile, Camilla is always buoyant, cheerful and easygoing. Despite their differences, they made their marriage worked.

Last month, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. But earlier this year, they were plagued by divorce rumors.

In January, New Idea published a report claiming that Prince Charles and Camilla’s marriage was over. The couple was reportedly set to announce their split. The publication cited how Camilla missed the royals gathering during the holidays due to their troubled marriage.

The netizens reacted and called the report “fake news.” Another said that the couple is apparently in love. Some users just laughed it off.

A few days ago, the publication released another report claiming that Prince Charles might divorce Camilla and rule as a king alone and without a queen. The Prince of Wales was reportedly bothered that many of the Brits still don’t like Camilla.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles look at each other as they reopen the newly-renovated Edwardian community hall The Strand Hall during day three of a visit to Wales on July 4, 2018 in Builth Wells, Wales. Photo: Getty Images/Chris Jackson