Camilla Parker Bowles became known as Prince Charles’ mistress. The couple got involved with each other while the latter was still married to Princess Diana.

Today, the public’s perception of Camilla has improved. She is also known as Prince Charles wife and as the future King’s one true love. However, some royal fans still refer to her as Prince Charles’ mistress.

According to Cheatsheet, one of the reasons why the Duchess of Cornwall is still regarded as Prince Charles’ mistress is because Princess Diana is still a big part of the public’s memory. Since everyone still remembers the Princess of Wales, it’s hard to forget what happened to her marriage to Prince Charles.

One of the reasons why Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage ended was due to Camilla. But some royal experts said that even if Camilla wasn’t in the picture, the royal couple’s relationship wouldn’t have survived.

At present, royal fans still talk about Princess Diana’s controversial interview with Martin Bashir for Panorama. In 1995, she told the interviewer that there were three of them in her marriage.

During her other interviews, she also said some negative things about Camilla. It is unclear if the Princess of Wales would have forgiven Camilla if she were still alive today. And if she was, royal fans couldn’t help but wonder what Princess Diana would be saying about the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall.

The curiosity of royal fans is another reason why Camilla is still known as Prince Charles’ mistress. Royal watchers tend to create scenarios in their head even if it has already been said that Prince Charles is happy and in love with his wife.

In fact, even Prince William and Prince Harry have developed a close relationship with their stepmother. During one interview, they said that Camilla is a wonderful woman and they are grateful to her for making their dad, Prince Charles, very happy.

Prince Charles, Camilla
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attend the reopening of Hillsborough Castle on April 09, 2019 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Getty Images/Chris Jackson