Every year, approximately 44,500 individuals are diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK. This was according to the report by the health institution NHS. Both men and women have fallen victim to this deadly disease. It has already cost thousands of lives.

If you are aged 40 and above, your risk of developing this disease is relatively higher. This is why physicians keep on encouraging people at this age bracket to be vigilant with the symptoms of this disease. The most common signs are found in your cough. Take a look at them.

1. Coughing up blood
2. Prolonged cough (3 weeks or more)
3. Chest infections
4. Gasping for air every time
5. Change in cough patterns

While any of the symptoms above could be brought about by other conditions or perhaps smoking, it is still advised that you don’t neglect them. Seeing a general practitioner and making the latter aware of the symptoms you have been experiencing can help lead to the proper diagnosis.

Signs of lung cancer that are found in your cough
Signs of lung cancer that are found in your cough. David Gallie - Pexels

There are risk factors that make you highly susceptible to lung cancer. NHS has stated that smoking is the biggest and most common factor that puts you at an increased risk for this type of cancer. According to the health body, there are more than 60 toxic substances that are found in tobacco smoke. These substances are considered carcinogenic, which means that they have the potential to cause cancer.

The five symptoms mentioned above are the most visible. There are, however, the lesser noticeable ones, but prove to be twice dangerous as they already denote an advanced stage of lung cancer. These symptoms are enumerated below.

1. Difficulty swallowing
2. Pain under the ribs
3. Discomfort under the ribs
4. Hoarse voice

Since smoking is touted as the single biggest risk factor for developing lung cancer, it is highly recommended that people should quit smoking. Vaping is not also an alternative. A recent study at New York University concluded that the vapor from e-cigarettes caused lung cancer in mice and damaged their DNA. It stated that it is likewise very harmful to humans.

With these studies, it would be best to simply avoid smoking. At any rate, the moment that you see any of the mentioned signs, it will be best for you to see your physician right away.