With “Captain Marvel” on track to hit $1 billion soon, it’s clear that the Carol Corps is growing. However, those who love Brie Larson’s superhero don’t have to show their superhero pride with just the standard t-shirts or toys. Check out some of the best merchandise for adult “Captain Marvel” fans that can be used every day and is priced under $50.

Lapel Pins ($14.99) These pins will make even the most serious business blazer a little more fun for Carol Danvers supporters. 

Captain Marvel merchandise Captain Marvel lapel pins are a great gift for adult fans. Photo: Marvel

Knit Hat ($24.99) New Era has a whole line of “Captain Marvel” hats, but this knit one will keep you cozy with just a subtle nod to Carol Danvers’ emblem.

Woven Jacquard Throw Blanket ($34.95) Whether you’re traveling through space or picking your next Netflix binge, everyone likes to stay cozy. The Northwest Company’s 46”x 60” “Protector of the Skies” blanket has the Captain Marvel emblem front and center. 

Captain Marvel merchandise The Northwest Company suggests using this blanket as a wall hanging if it’s not sitting on the couch. Photo: The Northwest Company

Goose the Cat Poster ($15+) This scene-stealer deserves a spot on any “Captain Marvel” lover’s wall. While Marvel isn’t officially offering much Goose wall art, Etsy shops like Rebel Posters have already been inspired by the flerken.

Watch ($39.99) Fans can’t go higher, further, faster if they’re always late, so a timepiece is always a good idea. This Super Hero Hype exclusive features the iconic star logo.

Captain Marvel merchandise This watch bears the "Captain Marvel" logo. Photo: SuperHeroStuff.com

“Marvel’s Captain Marvel: The Art of the Movie” ($45) If a moviegoer is in love with the visuals in “Captain Marvel,” they’re sure to love this book full of concept art and interviews with the creators.

Of course, merchandise is not all “Captain Marvel” fans want. Remember to save some cash for “Avengers: Endgame” tickets. The next Marvel movie hits theaters April 26.

Captain Marvel merchandise for adults "Captain Marvel" fans will surely be stocking up on new gear after her debut film. Photo: Marvel Studios