Cardi B shared a cute update regarding her 3-month-old baby boy Tuesday. The 29-year-old rapper is impressed with her son's "superpowers."

She revealed that her boy is already using his hands to hold a bottle. The rap star compared him with her 3-year-old daughter, Kulture Kiari, and wondered if she was able to do the same when she was of that age.

"My son holding his bottle with both his hands already," she wrote on Twitter before adding a shocking emoji. "I'm trying to remember if KK was doing that around 3 months old or if this is one of the superpowers these pandemic babies coming with."

Fans took to the comments section to share their reaction and how they find the tweet relatable.

One of the fans shared a video of their baby lifting a big toy car and wrote, "Pandemic babies are on another level."

Another fan joked, "My son been tryna stand up since he was 13-14 days old and he’s been strong like Superman since birth I know because he snatched my whole frontal off and I use bold hold (iykyk) peeled my cap back blue I wanted 2 fight I forgot he was only 16 days old."

Another person commented that her daughter is able to hold her head up even though she is a newborn.

Many other fans commented about the baby boy's looks and wondered what Cardi and husband Offset have named him.

Cardi, who has not revealed the baby boy's name yet, welcomed him in early September.

She shared a photo of her holding the baby wrapped in blue cloth at the time. Offset could also be seen in the picture.

Cardi B was recently featured in "F9: The Fast Saga," which was dropped in June. She also collaborated with Lizzo for a music video, titled "Rumors," which came out in August.

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