Cardi B gushed over Halle Berry on social media after meeting her in person to promote their upcoming movie "Bruised."

The 29-year-old rapper took to Twitter on Thursday to retweet a clip shared by Berry, and wrote, "Sooo guys I can't believe I met Halle Berry…and let me tell you this tea, her skin is so soft...I wanted to bite her shoulder."

Berry earlier shared a six-minute, 51-second video on her Instagram account and titled it, "5 Rounds."

Berry revealed that this was the first time she collaborated with Cardi B. They worked together for the soundtrack of "Bruised."

In the video, Berry asks the rapper five questions including her "favorite sex positions" and "biggest purchases."

"These are just a few of the spicy topics @iamcardib and I dive into as we get in each other's business during my new series '5 Rounds,'" the 55-year-old actress wrote.

During the question-and-answer round, Cardi B also questioned Berry, "Have you ever been to a strip club?" and the actress replied, "A strip club, yes. I stripped, I stripped."

The rapper looked surprised with Berry's answer as she said looking at the camera, "I stripped. You heard it here. I stripped." However, the actress clarified that she played a stripper in "The Last Boy Scout" and she had to "try it out."

Berry noted that she stripped for two days and two nights, just to find out how it feels and how much money she could make.

"I'm so elated to debut the series with Cardi, who co-executive produced the Bruised Soundtrack, available everywhere Nov. 19!" she added. "It's the first-ever all-female hip-hop soundtrack!"

"Bruised" will mark Berry's directorial debut. The story is penned by Michelle Rosenfarb and it revolves around a disgraced MMA fighter, named Jackie, who needs to fight her own demons in order to enter the ring again.

The movie is slated to release on Nov. 19 in theaters and on Nov. 24 on Netflix.

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