Many people jokingly say they're so different from their family that they can't possibly be related.

Carlina White was quite serious about her suspicions and she turned out to be right.

In August 1987, Carlina White, who was just 19 days old, was kidnapped.

On that day, her parents -- Carl Tyson and Joy White -- took Carlina to the Harlem Hospital Center in Manhattan because of a fever. That's when she was kidnapped by a woman in the hospital posing as a nurse.

She was subsequently taken Connecticut and then Atlanta. She was given a new name -- Nejdra Nance -- and was raised by people not biologically related to her.

Amazingly, White somehow strongly suspected that she wasn't related to the people who raised her. The fact that she lacked proper personal documentation -- like a Social Security card and birth certificate -- was further evidence.

She then took matters into her own hands and searched online for missing children with her birth year. When she found her own baby photo, she contact authorities.

Through DNA testing, officials then confirmed that she is indeed Carlina White, the baby kidnapped 23 years ago.

Carlina has since then been joyfully reunited with her biological family in New York.