A driver in northern California put a Chucky doll from the movie "Child's Play" in the vehicle's passenger seat Thursday in an attempt to avoid getting ticketed, police said. 

Officers with the Contra Cost branch of California Highway Patrol (CHP) pulled over a driver on the Solano Way ramp heading eastbound in Concord, California. The driver reportedly passed roughly 25-30 cars on the ramp amid heavy traffic, according to the department. The driver, however, attempted to pass off the Chucky doll as a carpool passenger.

Although the officers found the Chucky doll stunt to be amusing, the male driver still received a ticket despite earning an "A for effort."

"We know JON GRUDEN is back with The Oakland Raiders, and we love it too, but this will definitely not work as your carpool passenger! But hilarious," CHP wrote on Facebook. "A for effort, and here's your carpool ticket."

"This seriously happened today...C'mon people," CHP added. 

In the photo, a Chucky doll could be seen propped up as its buckled into the vehicle's passenger seat. The doll was wearing its signature outfit, a colorful striped long-sleeve shirt beneath overalls with the word "good" printed on the front pocket.

The CHP branch shared a picture of the driver's incident on Twitter, in addition to Facebook. Many users, however, questioned the department's decision to ticket the driver in the first place as many believed "this driver deserves a pass."

"CHP's primary goal is not tickets or citation enforcement. It's SAFETY," CHP wrote on Twitter. "We actually give tons of warnings rather than tickets, because education goes a long ways. And we have no quotas, never have."

Several other social media users couldn't believe this picture was legitimate.