Barbie has been upping its game lately to keep with the times and fast-moving trends, but a new doll creation has sparked disappointment online among many parents. Enter "Pregnant Barbie," a doll that is carrying a child to term as it boasts a removable pregnant belly and baby feature.

The new innovation is not affiliated with Barbie's manufacturer Mattel, Inc., but it hasn't prevented seemingly concerned parents from voicing their dissatisfaction over the toy intended for young children. While Amazon seller Mishine meant for the toy to "be used [as] an educational toy for children to learn about 'where babies come from,'" many parents deemed the doll as "scary" after a photo of it surfaced Thursday on a Latest Deals forum.

"I'd heard about these but thought they were a joke," one commenter wrote.

"That's horrid lol," a second person wrote in the post's comments section. "Shouldn't be for little kids."

"That's a bit scary to me," a third person commented.

Despite the immediate backlash from some parents, the $12.99 doll has managed to earn primarily positive feedback on Amazon as it holds a 3.8-star approval rating out of five stars.

"This was a hit with my daughter. And so neat," one Amazon reviewer wrote. "Yes, [the] baby [is] in [the] belly."

"There is no other doll like her out there, and my daughter absolutely loves her. Such a cool product," another Amazon user wrote in the reviews section.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed pregnant doll comes with a detachable baby bump that holds the baby doll inside. The toy boasts a removable bright pink dress and red shoes. It also features flexible hands and legs. The toy, however, depicts a fairly realistic portrayal of a C-section birth.

Pregnant dolls aren't a new phenomenon as Barbie hasn't shied away from selling them before. Mattel decided in 1982 to unveil Pregnant Midge, who appeared to be a teenage girl with a detachable belly and baby. Pregnant Midge didn't last long, however, as many consumers believed the toy was inappropriate for young children.

Pregnant Midge resurfaced a second time in 2002, but she was already raising one child as she was expecting another. This toy was pulled from shelves once again after parents felt it was too realistic.

"It was just that customers had a concern about having a pregnant doll," a Wal-Mart Stores spokeswoman said to CBS News in 2002. "What we try to do is listen to what our customers want. In this case, we decided to remove the product from the shelves. I think it was a unique situation."

Pregnant Barbie
An Amazon seller with no affiliation to Mattel, Barbie's producer, created a Pregnant Barbie doll as an educational tool for kids on "where babies come from." Here, the pregnant doll is pictured in a image shared January 5, 2018. Twitter