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Casey Anthony, the young woman accused of murdering her young child using duct tape and chloroform. Anthony was acquitted July 5 on homicide charges and will be released July 17. Facebook pages containing death threats are running rampant.

Former chief psychologist at the San Diego Police Department Michael Mantell told USA Today that Anthony's life is at risk, particularly in the first months after she is released.

No one knows what Anthony will do when she is released. Casey, for obvious reasons, can't go home to her parents George and Cindy Anthony, largely because she accused her father and brother of raping her. Lee Anthony, her brother, and George Anthony have consistently denied these accusations.

When Anthony was acquitted, George and Cindy Anthony told the media that they feel that she is not innocent and left the courtroom seemingly angry before releasing the following statement: Despite the baseless defense chosen by Casey Anthony, the family believes that the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence.

The defense said that Anthony's child drowned in a swimming pool accident, prompting a cover-up by the family. The prosecution maintained that Anthony drugged the little girl with chloroform and suffocated her using duct tape.

Deleted internet searches were found on Anthony's personal computer for the terms how to make chloroform, neck-breaking, and self-defense.

The young woman partied after the child died in a swimming pool accident, acquiring a tattoo with the Italian words for Beautiful Life and entering herself into a hot body contest. Definitely a normal thing to do after your child drowns in a swimming pool accident.

John Kendall, a former U.S. marshal told USA Today, If I was handling this case, we would relocate her somewhere else in the country, change her identity and change her appearance.

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