Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton
Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton arrives at the Orange County Court House for the second day of jury deliberations in the first-degree murder trial of Casey Anthony in Orlando REUTERS

Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton announced his retirement this coming Friday, a spokeswoman for State Attorney Lawson Lamar announced this afternoon, following the Casey Anthony murder trial's verdict.

The most sensational murder trial of a two-year-old Caylee Anthony concluded today with a verdict of Casey, Caylee's mother, found not guilty.

Ashton was part of the team of attorneys who attempted to convict Casey Anthony's of murdering Caylee.

Ashton has worked at the Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office for 30 years. The retirement is a personal matter, said spokeswoman Danielle Tavernier, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

He and Mr. Lamar have spoken about this and it comes as no surprise to him [Lamar].

As shown in this trial, Ashton displayed a deep understanding of the science used to support the state's case, especially the decomposition odor and chloroform findings from Casey Anthony's car trunk, said the Sentinel.

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