Casey Anthony, who is now broke and unemployed, is in deep trouble as she was ordered Thursday to pay almost $100,000 to reimburse the authority who searched massively for Casey's daughter Caylee during five months in 2008.

However, there is always a way out. Earlier, Casey was offered $500,000 by the pornographic mogul Larry Flynt if she agrees to pose naked for adult magazine Hustler. People around the world are curious if Anthony will undress and accept the huge offer this time?

Originally the prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in Orlando had demanded as much as $500,000 from Anthony. But Judge Belvin Perry, who is in charge of Anthony's case, ruled $97, 676 against Casey. It covers Florida Department of Law Enforcement ($61,505.12), Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation ($10,283.90) and Orange County Sheriff's Office ($25,837.96).

Perry said the cost should only cover the cost of detectives, who searched for Caylee after she was reported missing and excluded the cost of homicide investigation.

At this time, the offer from Larry seems like a life-saving straw for Casey. Larry said Casey may actually stand to receive more than $500,000, if her nude photos go viral just as her trial did. Larry would be willing to give her additionally 10 percent of the profits from the sales of the magazine, the Orlando Sentinel had reported.

Larry said he did it after being flooded with requests from men nationwide who wanted to see the 25-year old sexy woman pose naked for the magazine.

You've got men who say, 'Hey, I want to see her in her birthday suit,' Larry said. There may be some sick individuals ... but that's what life is all about.

There was something about Casey, Larry said, which attracted the American men. They said, 'Why haven't you made an offer? Why don't you want to publish her pictures?' Larry said.

They said, 'She's a really attractive person.' ... I've never seen that happen before, he added.

Two-year old Caylee was last seen alive on June 16 and it was only on July 15 that she was reported missing by her mother Casey Anthony to the police.
Initially, Casey told the police that a babysitter called Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez (Zanny the nanny) had abducted Caylee.

Investigations showed Casey was lying as the babysitter Zanny was fictitious. Five months later, in December 2008, Caylee's decomposed skeletal remains were found in a wooded area near the Anthony home by a meter reader who was relieving himself.

The prosecutors say Casey chloroformed Caylee and then duct taped her nose and mouth, suffocating the girl. Casey's lawyers claim Caylee was not murdered. They say the toddler accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool and George, Casey's father, helped her keep the death a secret. George has denied the claim.

Casey was charged with seven counts, including first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and misleading the police in the death of Caylee. The trial ended with the jury not convicting Casey of murder but she was charged with four counts for lying to police and sentenced to four years in jail. However, because of previously spent time in jail and good behavior, she was released on July 17.

Now Casey is serving probation at a unknown place in Florida for check fraud charges. She is being hidden for her safety since she has received death threats after her acquittal.

Will Casey pose naked in Hustler to reimburse the expenses incurred by the law enforcement? Leave your comments below.