Savant home control and automation technology
Savant home control and automation technology can help you save energy the efficient way Savant Systems

Do you dream of a home where you can control everything - your TV, the thermostat, lights, security cameras and more - by merely tapping, swiping or flicking your fingers? If yes, then you're in luck because Savant Systems, a designer, developer and manufacturer of a complete suite of integrated solutions for the modern home, is all set to exhibit Apple-based home control, automation and media systems at Consumer Electronics Show 2012 (CES 2012) that may soon be a staple feature in next generation homes.

As automation becomes available to a larger base of consumers, Savant is excited for the opportunity to demonstrate a powerful yet cost effective whole-home control and automation package at CES 2012, Savant's General Manager of Residential Business, Jim Carroll, said.

We will have our newest and most exciting user interfaces there as well, including the Savant Select remote and our TrueControl apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch integration, Carroll added.

In addition to the core functionality of the SmartMedia system, we will also be showcasing the customizable and expandable nature of our product line with enhanced features such as Savant's SmartEnergy Monitor, he said.

The most interesting aspect of Savant's package is that it will be possible to control everything in the house with just one device - the Savant home control remote. And, if you own an iPad, you can even turn the tablet into a master remote control with Savant's TrueImage Control technology.

Now, that's what I call a NextGen home.