Cheyenne and Cory
Cheyenne and Cory got flirty when the cameras stopped rolling a the “Rivals 3” reunion, but the MTV stars say they’re just friends. International Business Times

When “The Challenge” viewers tune in for reunions they’re presented with a short, yet drama-filled one-hour episode. What they don’t see if the hours worth of drama, fighting and funny moments captured by MTV’s cameras that are left on the cutting room floor.

Following Wednesday’s finale of “Rivals 3” here’s a rundown of 10 crazy things that happened behind-the-scenes at the July 12 reunion show, attending by International Business Times, that didn’t make it to air.

  • Sarah, who if you haven’t already heard accused Johnny of being fined for having drugs in his possession during the final, also had a few telling words about production during the reunion. The “Rivals 3” champion accused producers of encouraging joking and teasing among the cast. At one point Sarah also mentioned the idiom that if you lie down with dogs you will get fleas and saying the “Challenge” house is “full of fleas.”
  • Ashley ironically tripped while walking to get her trophy for her Nastiest Fall during the first ever Challenged Awards. What you didn't see was her asking production to do another take and them immediately saying no, but letting her film one anyway. Sorry Ashley, but of course MTV was going to air that fall!
  • Despite already being a member of the MTV family, Devin said he never watched an episode of “The Challenge” before signing on. The “Are You the One?” alum was even mistaken by veteran Wes as an “ugly Paul Rudd” at the airport before filming commenced.
  • Cheyenne denied being anything more than friends with Cory during the reunion (and refused to “kiss and tell”) but off-camera, they were definitely super friendly. When the cameras stopped rolling during breaks the two hung out onstage together, posing with their arms around one another and talked closely on the couches.
  • Dario was flamed for not sticking with his alliances’ plan during “Rivals 3” and his co-stars barely let him get a word in during the reunion taping. One cast member even requested Jerry Springer intervene due to the level of drama his segment caused.
  • At one point there was talk of setting up a charity wrestling match between Cory and Devin or Devin and Jamie. (After going home with no money, Sarah jokingly asked if she could be the charity.) When Ashley interjected that she could beat up Devin he said: “I could never get beat up worse than Ashley’s p----.” Ashley responded calmly by calling Devin a “sorry excuse for a man.”
  • While the “Rivals 3” finale saw Johnny Bananas trying to console his partner after he took their entire winnings, Sarah says no one on the cast spoke to her after the shocking ending. Sarah revealed host T.J. Lavin was the only one to reach out to her and informed her he believed she won the right way.
  • Johnny and Wes love to pick fights on “The Challenge” but the two got along fairly well at the reunion show. After Wes said some Twitter fans have told him he’s a good looking “chap” Johnny made it known he thinks America would “love” him more if he wasn’t a redhead.
  • Cheyenne had an infinite amount of luck during “Rivals 3” but it didn’t rub on off her home life. The “AYTO?” alum revealed that after she and Devin were invited back to the show after being eliminated her boyfriend broke up with her when she decided to return.
  • MTV did show footage of Camilla using Vince’s bathroom at 4 a.m., prompting rumors of a hookup, but the moment was much more tense behind-the-scenes. When Camilla became defensive, host Nessa Diab told her “We can all turn up together.” Camila went on to slam the show’s production, saying, “I hate the way this s--- is edited.”
Long story short: Nessa deserves a serious raise.
Rivals 3 reunion
A behind-the-scenes look at “The Challenge: Rivals 3” reunion taping. International Business Times