Charlie Sheen
Warner Bros urges Charlie Sheen to ‘stop lying’ about “Men” REUTERS

With the media attention actor Charlie Sheen has garnered over the last couple of days, it was only natural that the next step would be an endorsement deal.

The people behind Just Chill, a stress-relieving beverage, offered the Two and a Half Men actor $3 million to promote the drink. It came as a surprise that Sheen, who has been on a rant rampage the last few days, would be the one chosen to promote a stress-reliever drink.

Stuntman Public Relations sent out a press release stating that they will offer $3 million if the star agrees to be the celebrity spokesperson for the company's first drink on the market - Just Chill.

Russell Fager, general manager of The Chill Group said via New York Daily News, that it is obvious that Sheen needs to relax.

We've watched him spiral out of control and accompanied by treatment, we think Just Chill will help him focus on whatever his next steps turn out to be. If this is successful we think he'd be a great spokesperson for the brand, Fager said.

Just Chill is made in California and according to Fager it will give you energy without making you wired and soothe your jangled nerves without putting you to sleep.

According to OK! Magazine, if Sheen chooses to accept the endorsement deal, he is required to spend 30 days of in-patient treatment at the Sober Valley Lodge, the name he has given his L.A. mansion, and he also needs to give up media appearances.

That might be difficult considering his interview on 20/20 delivered the show's best ratings in two years.