One of the hottest Halloween costumes this year is Charlie Sheen and it looks like the actor himself is joining in on the fun. Charlie Sheen tweeted Tuesday that he will dress as himself for Halloween, releasing this picture on his Twitter:

Charlie Sheen on WhoSay

Trick or Treat Cadre!
Got my Halloween costume... All set!
(yeah... This really confused the kids!!) width=483 height=644 />

The former Two and a Half Men star bought a life-like mask of himself that he says he plans to wear this Oct. 31, 2011, however he said in a tweet that is seems his choice really confused the kids! Needless to say, Sheen's constume sparked heated Twitter responses from fans and from those who think a bit less favorably of the winning star. Some sheenius favorites include:

  • CanadianGuy19 That Canadian Guy: @charliesheen That is just straight-up awesome.
  • daraha07 Dane: @charliesheen that head is actually bigger than your own.
  • goanix88 Uschi Mayer: @charliesheen Perfect costume especially for YOU!!! Thank God, you are looking better than the mask! ;)
  • ez2pleaz Dani: @charliesheen Charlie Sheen and his DUHmy. :)

Sheen's Halloweens plan this year mark a major turn-around for the actor who was busy destroying a New York Plaza Hotel room this time last year during a prostitute-cocaine-alcohol-fuelled party.