Although many retailers want nothing to do with the Confederate Flag, merchandise with the symbol historically associated with racism and slavery continues to sell online. Like this Confederate Flag onesie from Cafe Press.

In the wake of the racially motivated massacre that killed nine churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday, the Confederate flag has been called out in a national public debate as a symbol of racism and slavery. And despite Amazon's public announcement it would pull its "rebel flag" merchandise and other retailers joining the ban, eBay and others are still selling things emblazoned with the flag.

As John Oliver said in a screed against the flag, items like the ones below will provide a public service by "help[ing] the rest of us identify the worst people in the world.”

Cafe Press categorizes the onesie it has for sale emblazoned with the flag that symbolizes the U.S.'s history of racism, slavery and segregation as a "Civil War Gift," and a "Rebel Flag Infant Bodysuit." It also has a Confederate flag bib.

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 4
For the baby who has everything -- a Confederate Flag bib, perhaps to go with its Rebel Flag onesie.

This eBay item is described as a men's "rebel flag bikini confederate southern dixie pride swimwear bottoms" and it comes in small through XL. They also accept returns.

Ebay publically announced it would pull its Confederate Flag merchandise, but this men's swim bottoms are still there. eBay

Flagandbanner provides a Confederate Battle Flag Bikini, which lets you "show your southern heritage."

"Show your southern heritage"

Organize your day with a custom "Heritage not Hate" notebook from Zazzle, which also lets you place your family's portrait right in the middle of the Confederate flag.

Notebook Zazzle

Although it's still on the retail site, Spencer's gifts indicates that its Confederate Flag Aviator Sunglasses are no longer for sale. But when they were, you were invited to "Whistle Dixie while you rock this pair of Confederate Flag Aviator Sunglasses." And because the "Thin silver frames contain Confederate flag lenses...everyone knows you come from down south!"

You used to be able to see through hate-colored glasses -- but no more. Spencer's pulled the Rebel flag specs. Either that, or they're sold out. Spencer's Gifts