• GOP Rep. under fire for sharing a video clip of the Clintons
  • Chelsea Clinton slams Rep. Gosar after Christmas Eve tweet
  • Paul Gosar is best known for his extremist views

Chelsea Clinton, the former first daughter, took to Twitter to hit back at Republican Rep. Paul Gosar after he posted a video clip of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Christmas Eve nearly being struck in the head by a falling television light fixture.

"At 11 am on Christmas Eve, we were making cookies for Santa. Thank you Congressman @RepGosar for reminding me of my dad’s quick reflexes!" Chelsea tweeted the day after Christmas.

Gosar caused momentary Twitter outrage and was condemned widely for posting the Clinton video clip. Some Twitterverse reported it, while others praised Bill Clinton for protecting Hillary, the New York Post reported.

A Twitter user wrote, "This is likely one of many reasons your family made an ad against you." The other said, "I cannot believe you feel this is something to celebrate. @HillaryClinton almost got hurt and you think it’s something to celebrate or are you laughing? Now that is a dark personality. I’m coming for your seat. We cannot continue to have you in the office. You are a danger to #AZ04."

Gosar, a Congressman from Arizona, had tweeted “remember the reason for the season!” along with the video clip of the Clintons in which Hillary is seeing shouting "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!" right after narrowly escaping the incident when Bill Clinton pulled her to safety. 

The clip that was tweeted by Gosar was an excerpt from a 60 Minutes interview from 1992 with host Steve Kroft following the accusations that the then governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, had cheated on Hillary. The couple flatly denied the allegation.

Kroft, before retiring in September, recounted the incident in an interview with host Leslie Stahl and stated, “It is said that this interview saved his presidential campaign, but it also almost killed them.”

“A wall-mounted lamp, a high-powered– a television lamp. It just sprung off the wall. It sounded like an explosion. I didn’t know what had happened,” he added.

Gosar, a conservative who represented Arizona since 2010, was opposed by his own siblings for re-election in September 2018 and six of his nine brothers and sisters endorsed his Democratic opponent, stating that they were against his extremist views on immigration, healthcare and white supremacy, according to the New York Post.