Flames from Chevron Nigeria's natural gas well
Posted on Chevron's website, flames are seen shooting from the surface of the water. The fire has raged since Jan. 16, and a company manager said the fire could rage for another 30 days. Chevron

A natural gas offshore exploration rig operated by Chevron that caught fire earlier this month off the coast of Nigeria, and killed two contractors before collapsing, is still burning causing flames to rise up from the surface of the water, and a company official expects the fire will not be put out for another month.

Bloomberg reported Andrew Fawthrop, managing director of the Chevron's unit in the West African country, said it will likely take crews another 30 days to extinguish the fire that started Jan. 16.

The best way to control the well, said Chevron this week, is to drill a relief well. The company is finalizing its plans to start drilling.

Based on the condition of the well, the safest way to control it is to drill a relief well that will kill the well at depth, said Chevron.

The well was drilling in 40 feet of water six miles away from the Nigerian coast. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.