Chicago Med
Patti Murin (pictured here), who plays Will’s (Nick Gehlfuss, also pictured here) girlfriend in “Chicago Med,” has landed a new role on Broadway. This means that the actress will be unavailable to work in the NBC series. Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Patti Murin is going places but her role in “Chicago Med” might soon come to an end. Murin was recently cast as Anna in Disney Theatrical Productions’ upcoming Broadway musical “Frozen.” She will star alongside Caissie Levy, who plays Elsa.

Besides being a Broadway veteran, Murin also plays the role of Will Halstead’s (Nick Gehlfuss) girlfriend Nina Shore in NBC series “Chicago Med.” Nina and Will have been together for some time now but it is pretty obvious that he still has feelings for Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto). What does Murin’s new stint on Broadway mean for her character on the medical drama?

“Chicago Med” executive producer Andrew Schneider was posed the same question by Entertainment Weekly and it looks like it isn’t good news for fans who ship Will and Nina.

“[Murin] has been a great addition to the cast, but she is not going to be available in the same way and we thought it was time to progress [Nina and Will’s] relationship,” Schneider said. “There are fundamental issues and problems in that relationship, and the tension that’s been building in that relationship — it will come to a head in the finale.”

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Which means the Season 2 finale might be the last time we see Will and Nina together. With his relationship with her ending soon, is there now hope for him and Natalie? “There’s hope and there’s possibility,” Schneider teased.

Meanwhile, “Chicago Med” returns after a two-week break on Thursday, April 27. In Season 2, episode 21, Will and Natalie spend a lot of time together at work which leads to Nina taking extreme measures to get his attention, according to the official synopsis.

Elsewhere, Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) performs a risky surgery in order to save a mother who is desperate to help her daughter beat cancer.

Furthermore, Charles (Oliver Platt) asks Sarah (Rachel DiPillo) to conduct a psych evaluation on his daughter Robin (Mekia Cox).

“Chicago Med” airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.