InfoWars founder Alex Jones has been hit with another court filing, this time claiming the Sandy Hook parents and their lawyers found child pornography in materials the controversial host handed over in May.

The court filing came down on Monday after images of child porn was discovered in said materials provided as part of the continuing lawsuit by the parents against Jones. Lawyers discovered the pornography while transferring the files into electronic files to make sorting and reading them easier during proceedings.

“During that process, the consultants identified an image that appeared to be child pornography,” the filing said. “They immediately contacted counsel, who immediately contacted the FBI.”

Plaintiffs were then directed to hand over all materials pertaining to the lawsuit for FBI review. During the review, the FBI revealed it had discovered more pornography that had been sent to Jones.

The filing also accuses Jones of threatening lawyer Christopher Mattei and his firm, who represent the parents during a broadcast on Friday.

During the broadcast, Jones attacked Mattei in one of his trademark rants.

"Let’s zoom in on Chris Mattei. Oh, nice little Chris Mattei. What a good American. What a good boy. You think you’ll put on me, what ... I’m gonna kill ... Anyway, I’m done! Total war! You want it? You got it!” Jones said.

He claimed that he was being set up with the child porn and offered $1 million in return for information that led to the arrest and conviction of the person who sent the child porn.

“Somebody directed child pornography into your email accounts hoping that you opened it,” Jones’ lawyer, Norm Pattis, said during the broadcast.

Jones also said that he had allegedly spoken to someone in the FBI that informed him there was no evidence he opened the emails that contained the child porn or that he ever sent child porn himself.