The unrest in Hong Kong is not the only news from China as a police chief in the city of Chongqing, located approximately 1,700 km (1,000 miles) from Shanghai, has lost his job due to the actions of his wife. She was involved in what has been described as a “road rage” incident where she exchanged slaps with another motorist.

Chongqing police called the firing a result of a “disciplinary violation” but did not specify if the charge was for any actions of former chief Tong Xiaohua himself or solely on those of his wife, Li Yue, who was driving a red Porsche when the incident occurred. The decision to terminate Tong was made after a two-week investigation. Police indicated that another inquiry was ongoing.

The road rage event happened about a month ago and was caught on video that went viral on social media. The images show the Porsche sitting at a 90-degree angle in the striped “zebra” crosswalk after Li tried to perform a U-turn but was unable to complete the maneuver because the driver behind her did not give her the required leeway.

Li emerges from the driver-side door dressed in a black flared pantsuit, a white wide brimmed hat and high heels. She strikes around the front of the car and confronts the male driver. After a brief verbal exchange Li raises her right hand and delivers a slap to the man’s left cheek. Almost immediately the man counters with his right hand, delivering a slap to Li that sends her hat flying like a Frisbee over the rear of the Porsche.

According to The Beijing News, the man’s wife claimed that Li had mocked her husband for his shoddy attire and for driving a “beggar’s car." The car was a low-end Chery model. Both people were taken to a police station, according to a website called Pear Video.

The police would not comment any further on the case so the exact reason for the firing of the police chief is still open for discussion. Most viewers of the video have sided with the male driver, claiming that Li was being arrogant and was showing off her wealth.

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Li was fined for attempting the U-turn in the zebra zone and for her hat and shoes that were deemed unsafe for driving. She did offer an apology Sunday expressing her regret over the incident.

The police issued a statement that said, “We will learn from this incident and maintain strict police discipline. We will start from one small household to ensure everyone’s safety in society.” The investigation of Tong and his wife Li Yue included their assets and accounts.