While Japan's 'Levitating Girl' Natsumi Hayashi has become an Internet sensation, China has also come up with three levitating government officials.

However, while Hayashi's photos are not photoshopped or fake images, the Chinese officials' images are shoddy Photoshop job, the worst ever in the Internet history and even a child of three can tell its a fake at first glance.

The Chinese sensation originates in Huili, a rural county of south-west China.

The three government officials visited Huili to inspect a newly constructed road in question, but an unnamed photographer decided to spice up the background as he thought that the original pictures were not impressive enough.

And, eve though the Photoshop job was clumsy, without giving it any thought, the mainland government posted up the photo on Huili County Office's official homepage.

Not surprisingly, the released photos became an Internet sensation and the three government officials got as much attention as Japan's 'Levitating Girl' Natsumi Hayashi did.

However, instead of praise or admiration, the unfortunate trio became the media’s spotlights of mockery and joke.

The government was quick to apologize and remove the photo from the website.

However, the damage was done and the Netizens were quick to put up amusing images of the government officials, ridiculing them.

Check out the funny images below where the Netizens even made the government officials visit Moon and take a stroll in Jurassic Park:

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