• Several social media users slammed the doctor after a picture of the sign was posted online
  • The person who shared the picture had taken her daughter to the doctor's clinic for an initial visit
  • WHO advocates against associating geographical locations while naming illnesses 

A New Jersey chiropractor is being slammed online for being racist after referring to the coronavirus as "Chinese Virus" in a social distancing advisory hung at his office.

The sign came to light when Annesia Paraison, a New Jersey mom, took the photo of the advisory and posted it on her Facebook profile. According to the post, Paraison took her daughter for her first visit to the clinic of Dr. Kevin Julian, where her daughter pointed to the advisory on the front desk window. Warning the patients to practice social distancing at the waiting room, the advisory read, "During this time period of the Chinese Virus…"

"This sign does not mention Coronavirus or Covid 19 but instead calls it the Chinese Virus. THIS IS BLATANT RACISM," Paraison added. Her daughter suggested they leave without availing of the doctor’s service and Paraison agreed. "We didn't even wait to speak with staff, because there was no need as we would never put our health in the hands of racists. If a medical professional could display such an obvious [sic] racist statement, then I fear for any person of color that receives treatment there," Paraison added.

Social media users took to the comments section and posted their angry responses, including suggesting to have the doctor’s license revoked. "Time to revoke his license," one person wrote. "Wow! That's crazy. Im [sic] glad you and your daughter walked out," wrote another.

The photograph has also been shared on the Jersey City Woman of Color Instagram page, where people have attempted to call the attention of local and state officials toward the racist sign.

The World Health Organization says geographic locations should not be associated with illnesses to prevent "unnecessary negative effects on nations, economies and people." According to the organization, "stigmatizing certain communities or economic sectors" often provokes a backlash against members of particular religious or ethnic communities.

President Donald Trump was also described as racist when he referred to the Coronavirus as the "Chinese Virus" at an Oklahoma rally in June, with Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway publicly defending him amid criticism.

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