Chloe Lukasiak
Former "Dance Moms" star Chloe Lukasiak is rumored to be in a romance with a Disney Channel actor. Here, she is pictured attending Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids' Choice Awards in Inglewood, California, in March. Getty Images

It appears “Dance Moms” fans have a new relationship to root for. Chloe Lukasiak, formerly of the hit Lifetime reality series, recently caused a flurry online after Disney Channel actor and singer Ricky Garcia revealed he is dating the 14-year-old performer.

After posting several photos of one another on social media, Ricky, who stars on Disney Channel’s “Best Friends Forever," informed his 43,000 Twitter followers that he is dating Chloe. “Look everyone! I need you to know that I am dating Chloe,” the 16-year-old wrote late last month. “Some of you have still be asking so I’m trying to clear that up.” Ricky concluded his statement with a special message to some of his fans who may be not fond of his new relationship.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Ricky, once again, made his affections for Chloe known. He shared a picture of himself posing with Chloe on a Ferris Wheel to Instagram and captioned the photo with the telling phrase “miss her.”

Unlike Ricky, Chloe has been less open about her romance with the Disney Channel lead. While she does have several images of Ricky on her Instagram account, most of her social media posts are dedicated to her dance career.

And while Ricky may be eager to shout his feelings from the rooftops, it appears Chloe’s mom and former co-star, Christi Lukasiak, isn’t so keen to have her daughter do the same. During a recent fan Q&A in Sydney, Australia, Christi responded to the Chloe-Ricky dating rumors, making it clear to her daughter’s fans that she's just a teenager. Christi's comments came about after a fan asked Chloe to address her relationship status. Chloe didn't answer, instead turning to her mom, who said, "She's only 14."

While it remains to be seen what the future holds for the young “Dance Moms” star and her new beau, it appears both have long careers ahead of them. Before filming his role as “Naldo” on Disney's “Best Friends Whenever” – the first episode premiered on the network on June 26 -- he starred as “Asher” on “Girl Meets World.” He also had a cameo on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” in 2013, according to his IMDb page. Not to mention his work with the boy band Forever In Your Mind. (You can check them out on YouTube here.)

As for Chloe, she has been working steadily since she was nine. In 2011, she premiered her lead role on “Dance Moms.” She and her mom quit the series after four seasons in October 2014. She has since gone on to star in several music videos.