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Chloe Lukasiak has a new web series, but not all "Dance Moms" fans are loving it. Lukasiak is pictured at SIMPLY Los Angeles Fashion + Beauty Conference on July 15, 2017. Getty Images

Chloe Lukasiak was one of the original “Dance Moms” cast members but it appears not everyone is thrilled with the former ALDC star’s new web series.

Ahead of the teen’s comeback to the Lifetime reality show for Season 7B, the network has been touting “Chloe Does It,” an online web series starring the dancer. And while some fans have shown support for the online program, others have expressed upset over the project and the network’s promotion of it on Facebook.

On Tuesday, the network released episode 5, which shows Chloe prepare for an acting audition. Prior to the episode’s release, some viewers made it clear they weren’t entirely thrilled about the upcoming installment. “I’m so tired of hearing about Chloe,” reads the top-voted commented on the promo video for episode 5. “What about the girls who didn’t quit and stuck with it like Nia [Sioux] and Kendall [Vertes]?”

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Other top comments on the page include a plea to make there a way to follow the “Dance Moms” Facebook account without being “subjected to Chloe’s ads.” “Are they almost done tired of hearing and reading about Chloe,” reads one popular comment.

Other comment sections for episodes of the web series, which show Chloe eating cookie dough, enjoying a sleep over and having a spa day among other adventures, have also been flooded with similar negative comments. “Why is the main focus on this girl? There are other girls far more talented and have been around longer. Do the producers think this girl will draw more viewers?” reads the top comment on Chloe’s episode which shows her counting down her favorite “Dance Moms” episodes.

Outside of “Chloe Does It,” top comments from other posts about Chloe and her mother Christi Lukasiak on the “Dance Moms” Facebook page have also been noticeably negative. When the account posted an interview with the mother-daughter duo at AOL’s Build series last month, not all viewers reacted positively. “It amazes me how it’s all about Chloe and Christi instead of the girls who stayed through it all,” reads the top comment.

Not everyone is against Chloe and her web series, however. The “Chloe Does It” videos have over one million views on YouTube and over three thousand thumbs up on Facebook -- a departure from the noticeable number of angry face emoji reactions they have received.

As noted by fans, this isn’t the first time “Dance Moms” has focused heavily on a single performer. For years, former “Dance Moms” coach Abby Lee Miller made it clear her star was student Maddie Ziegler. And last August, Abby’s co-choreographer Gianna Martello pegged newcomer Brynn Rumfallo as the team’s future leader.

“When Maddie and Mackenzie [Ziegler] we’re leaving every post was about them... For like two months. They are only promoting her because she is coming back. Get over it,” one viewer wrote on Facebook in defense of Chloe’s new series.

A top comment on Chloe’s AOL Build video also came to her defense. “Why are people so pissed off with Chloe? What did she do to deserve this hate? What did she do to you?” reads the comment. “Abby was just breaking her down instead of making her a better dancer, now she’s back. Be happy about it and stop being an Abby.”

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The “Dance Moms” Facebook page not only posts videos starring Chloe, however. Since the back half of Season 7 premiere last week, the page has also included videos of the ALDC studio’s routines from episode 15. Fans can currently re-watch Kendall and Brynn’s duet “Together,” Lily Ketchman and Eli Walmsey’s duet “Oceans 2” and the elite team’s group routine “Family Court” on the page.

Chloe and Christi made their comeback to “Dance Moms” in the Season 7A finale in November 2016, which was attended by International Business Times. They will make their first appearance in the second half of the season in a two-part episode starting Aug. 15 on Lifetime.

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