Chris Brown
Chris Brown, photographed at the 2015 BET Awards held In Los Angeles, California on June 28, recently went off about his baby mama, Nia Guzman, on Twitter. Getty Images

It appears things aren't going well between Chris Brown and Nia Guzman, with whom he shares one child. The pair have been locked in a nasty battle over custody and child support for many months now, with new reports suggesting Guzman, 31, is asking for a pretty hefty payout. Brown, 26, gave viewers some insight into his tumultuous relationship with Guzman during a recent Twitter rant.

According to E! Online, the Grammy winner hopped on the social media site Friday morning to get a few things off his chest. In his first message he said it was shameful that some "females" use children as an easy way of getting money. He added that many men in his situation would have shirked their parental responsibilities, but he chose to take it on head first. In another post he shamed women using their children "as leverage," and praised all the responsible men of the world stepping up to be fathers. Although Brown did not mention Guzman's name it appears clear that he is making reference to their current situation with daughter Royalty.

As TMZ reported Monday, Guzman is believed to have filed legal paperwork requesting a change in their current visitation agreement and wants Brown to pay close to $15,000 in child support. She reportedly asked that Brown be granted supervised visits only as she did not feel that he was responsible enough to care for Royalty, 1, on his own. She is reportedly seeking full custody as she fears it is detrimental to Royalty to be around Brown and his friends as many of his associates have alleged substance abuse issues.

Guzman's concerns over her daughter's safety came after several incidents occurred at Brown's Los Angeles home. On July 15, the R&B singer's home was broken into by armed intruders. The suspects locked Brown's aunt, who was in the home during the incident, in a closet as they rummaged through his belongings. They were able to get away with money and other items. His home was broken into once prior in May by a fan who stripped down and spent several days inside the home. The 21-year-old woman is said to have spray painted "I love you" and "Mrs. Brown" on numerous surfaces in the home, including kitchen counters and across the side of two of his vehicles. Fortunately, Royalty was not present during either incident.