It’s easy to imagine that nondiminutive New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a big fan of junk food, but it appears he doesn't want to talk much about Twinkies in public.

Christie was at a news conference on Friday when a reporter may have attempted to trick him into discussing Twinkies by posing a question about the shutdown of Hostess Brands Inc.

“No, seriously, you’re not asking me about Hostess Twinkies, are ya?” Christie asked the reporter. “Come on, what’s the next question?”

It seems Christie was afraid the reporter was trying to trap him into making a ridiculous statement, possibly to mock him on the Internet later.

“Look, I’m on ‘Saturday Night Live’ enough," Christie said. "You can’t get me to talk about that.”

Christie added: “This is a setup, man. You people are the worst. I’m not answering questions about Twinkies. It’s bad enough that I even said the word ‘Twinkie’ from behind this microphone.” 

Hostess announced its plans to shut down on Friday because of a strike by members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union. The company will reportedly be selling off its assets and the rights to its most popular brand names, such as Twinkies.