New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared on CNN Wednesday to discuss Hurricane Harvey and President Donald Trump’s visit to Texas in the wake of the storm. After Trump came under fire from critics for not meeting with survivors, Christie came to the president’s defense and said he had plans to do so in the future.

“He didn’t [hug anyone] yesterday because he didn’t see the people,” said Christie. “I will tell you, when he sees those people, and I know him, he won’t be able to avoid, and won’t want to avoid, hugging and making those people feel better.”

The president arrived in Texas Tuesday, promising fast and efficient federal aid to the state in the wake of the storm. Critics, however, seized upon what they felt was a lack of empathy from the president in the visit. The White House, on the other hand, said Trump did not want to affect local recovery efforts and thus stayed out of Houston itself. Christie said Trump’s visit Tuesday was more of a “competence day” and that the next few days would reveal a far more empathetic president.

“I predict when he goes back on Saturday and he starts to see victims and he starts to see the damage, there is no way as a human being you can see that and not be affected, and I think you’ll see that personal side of the president come out then.”

Christie also defended what some critics perceived as a visit that was too early from the president: the governor explained that he was also criticized for evacuating the Jersey Shore before Hurricane Irene in 2011.

“You make the best decision you can make based upon the information that is being given to you by the National Weather Service and by your folks on the ground,” Christie said. “And there are always going to be critics. But…those critics are never the ones who have to sit in the big chair and make a decision.”

GettyImages-660194760 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and President Donald Trump shake hands during a meeting at the White House, Mar. 29, 2017. Christie came to Trump's defense after critics pounced on his visit to Texas. Photo: Getty Images