Chris Cornell
The gravesite of Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, pictured April 6, 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was fenced off. Getty Images

The grave of Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell was fenced off over the weekend, Alternative Nation reported Monday. The flowers and gifts some fans left at his gravesite at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles were moved to outside the fenced area.

To see pictures of the gravesite, courtesy of Alternative Nation, click here.

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Cornell’s gravestone reads: “Voice of generation and an artists for all time.”

A reason for why the site was fenced off was not given.

The same day, Alternative Nation reported about Cornell’s grave being fenced off, they revealed a fan claimed Cornell signed a Soundgarden King Animal vinyl record minutes before he hanged himself at the Detroit MGM Grand Hotel May 18.

The fan, Instagram user dpierced06, took to Instagram Monday. Painting by @grahamedwardsart and an album signed on the night he took his own life,” he wrote. The post was liked dozens of times.

There are some fans of Cornell who do not buy the autopsy ruling that he committed suicide. Instead, some fans claimed the death scene photos from his hotel room prove the rocker was murdered. Cornell was apparently about to expose a child sex ring that involved A-list Hollywood stars and elite politicians. That’s the alleged reason who was murdered, some claim.

In the death scene photos, there was an amount of blood that one forensic pathologist said was unusual. “It’s very unlikely such large amount of blood found in a case of hanging,” Dinesh Rao, a forensic pathologist who has conducted more than 12,000 autopsies, told International Business Times in an email.

Rao, who is currently based in India, added he would need more pictures and information to comment further.

“…I would like to state at this moment that in partial hangings or [in] incomplete hangings, signs of congestion are common and sometimes we see ruptures of blood vessels as a reason for hemorrhage,” the doctor explained. “This needs to [be] confirmed during [an] autopsy by ruling out trauma as the source.”

The blog The Metal Den made it their mission to prove Cornell’s death was a homicide, even though police and the Detroit medical examiner said there was no signs of foul play.

Still, TMD used the death scene photos of proof that Cornell was killed. The blood stains proved “very ominous fact, the signs of homicidal ligature strangulation are now totally irrefutable,” the blog wrote.

In addition to the blood stains, three prescription pill bottles were found in Cornell’s hotel room: prednisone (anti-inflammatory), omeprazole (antacid) and lorazepam (anti-anxiety).

Cornell’s wife Vicky didn’t buy the claim that her husband was murdered. Instead, she argued that abusing prescription pills made the singer take his own life.

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“He didn’t want to die,” she told People Magazine June 28. “If he was of sound mind, I know he wouldn’t have done this.”

“My Chris was happy, loving, caring and warm,” Vicky explained. “This was not a depressed man — it wasn’t like I missed that. What I missed were the signs of addiction.”

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