Chrissy Teigen, had some choice words for Chris Brown fans who maliciously attacked her via Twitter after Teigen slammed Brown for lip-synching during his 2012 Billboard Music Awards performance on Sunday night.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and fiancée of singer John Legend attended the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas with her beau and was left unimpressed by Chris Brown's performance of Turn Up the Music.

Why sing when you can dance? Teigen tweeted to her 120,000 followers on Sunday night, referring to Brown's emphasis on moves over vocals.

Teigen was not the only celebrity to voice reproach over Brown's lip-synching, during an awards show that featured live performances by John Legend, Jordin Sparks, Katy Perry, Linkin Park and more.

One day if i lipsync, i hope i do it as well as him.... Pink tweeted to her followers after Brown's performance, and husband Carey Hart added: Im pretty sure i saw my wife did that same performance, but she was 3 months pregnant and actually sang the song.

But Chrissy Teigen's Twitter comments did not bode well with Chris Brown fans, who then proceeded to spew maliciously hateful messages at the supermodel, filled with lewd language and even death threats.

Teigen retweeted the messages to her followers to show them how nasty Brown's fans, who coalesced under the hashtag #TeamBreezy, could be. She said that she had to block about 300 people from contacting her on Twitter, 100 of whom made new accounts in an attempt to contact her again.

After a few hours, Teigen decided to fight back, reported Complex. Here is what the 26-year-old model offered in response:

You guys are too young for this s---. Too f---ing young. How you can even form these sentences at someone you don't know makes me so sad. Don't throw around the term ho, c---, s---. You're women. WE ARE WOMEN. and don't ever think a man can f---ing control you. Seriously. this isn't your f---ing job. Stop being psychotic. Be strong women. Listen to opinions without spewing pure maliciousness. I've had comments ranging from 'kill yourself you stupid HO' to 'gold digging c---' [to] 'get a f---ing job,' etc. Because I don't like [Chris Brown]? I like some of his music too. YOU can like it. You CAN. But WHY the insane hate and 'team'?? Why can't you just CHILL THE F--- OUT? In all seriousness, and this has been entertaining, I'm so disturbed. What are you even doing this for? Some good music and dancing? Good god. DO BETTER.

Later on Monday, Chrissy Teigen tweeted: this is less about chris and more about the insanity that spews out of the rabid mouthes of team breezy. done. there will be no more said.

Chrissy Teigen is not the first person Chris Brown fans have gone after for criticizing Breezy.

In February, Brown fans reacted angrily after Miranda Lambert, Wil Wheaton, Jack Osbourne, Michelle Branch and Eric Stonestreet expressed disappointment that Brown would attend the Grammy Awards and receive an award, according to the Huffington Post.

Chris Brown twice? I don't get it, Miranda tweeted the morning after the Grammys in February. He beat on a girl ... Not cool that we act like that didn't happen. Brown responded with: Hate all you want becuz I got a grammy now! That's the ultimate f--- off. He later deleted that tweet.

Lambert continued to speak out against Brown, according to Us Weekly.

I just have to speak my mind, because where I come from, beating up on a woman is never OK. So that's why my daddy taught me early on in life how to use a shotgun, she told a cheering audience during a concert in Amherst, Mass., in Feb.

In 2009, Chris Brown assaulted ex-girlfriend Rihanna in a car. He plead guilty to a felony charge and was sentenced to five years probation. The two collaborated on her song, Birthday Cake, which was released in Feb 2012. Rumors have since circulated that the two are romantically involved again.

Here is the Chris Brown performance from the 2012 Billboard Music Awards at the center of the Chrissy Teigen fiasco.