It's been a while since we had some juicy Rihanna and Chris Brown gossip, but Star magazine and Media Take Out just dropped off a fresh load for gossip-starved fans! Rihanna is apparently freaked out by Chris Brown's tattoo of girlfriend Karrueche Tran, and was rushed to the hospital after a night of hard partying at the star-studded NYC Met Gala – that is, if you believe Star and MTO.

According to Star, Rihanna's friends are worried sick over her partying, which they say has gotten out of control in the wake of news that Chris Brown got a tattoo of official girlfriend (and Rihanna's occasional Twitter sparring partner) Karrueche Tran.

When Chris got the tattoo, the source told Star, Rihanna freaked out. She's been obsessed with the thought that he's going to marry Karrueche, the insider continued, and she'll never be able to get back with him. She's heartbroken and in a bad place. (Love in a hopeless place, amirite??)

Rihanna apparently gets tired of sitting in her hotel room thinking about Brown, so she goes out and parties and drinks. Rihanna loves being a bad girl and shocking people, the source told Star. She says she's having fun, but it's clear she's acting out because she's in a lot of emotional pain.

This of course wouldn't be the first time that Rihanna has beefed with Karrueche. Earlier in the year, they had a Twitter fight that peaked when Rihanna included a verse on her Birthday Cake song about being sweeter than a rice cake, and later tweeted a photo of a package of rice cakes dressed in Karrueche's signature hoop earrings and sunglasses. (Rice cake is a common slur for people of Vietnamese descent, and Karrueche, of half Vietnamese parentage, describes herself as where Vietnam & the hood meet.) RiRi caught a lot of flak from the blogs for her racially-charged dig at Karrueche, and ever since they've kept their problems off Twitter.

Meanwhile, Media Take Out claims to have tangible evidence of Rihanna's hard-partying ways – in the form of a photo of her hooked up to an IV at a hospital!

According to Fred Mwangaguhunga's urban gossip megaship, Rihanna was rushed to the hospital after going to the Met Gala in Manhattan – which she tweeted about while getting dressed – for exhaustion and dehydration. They even have a photo of her with an IV in her arm – or at least they say it's her, and the long black stick-on nails match, at the least.

Those concerned about Rihanna's immediate well-being can relax, because according to MTO, Rihanna is doing better, and after a brief hospital stay, doctors allowed Rihanna to fly back to her home in Los Angeles, where she reportedly arrived this morning.

And of course this isn't the only time Rihanna's had to bow out over vague illness. Last weekend, Rihanna reportedly blew off her Friday night SNL dress rehearsal, which angered producers and was unprecedented for Saturday Night Live guest hosts. Rihanna claimed she was sick, but SNL staff wasn't buying it. But then again, Rihanna's such a big star that no one was willing to call her on it.