Christian musician Nathan Johnson welcomed a baby girl and bid goodbye to his wife in just a span of hours.

On Tuesday, June 27, Johnson’s wife, Megan Johnson, gave birth to a baby girl, whom they named Eilee. The little girl was delivered at 2:40 a.m., and the new mom had been so overjoyed that she fed her baby and stayed up late talking to her husband, People reported. Unfortunately, things went wrong unexpectedly a few hours later when Megan started experiencing complications. By 11 a.m., Johnson’s wife was declared dead.

Prior to his wife’s death, Johnson, who is part of the Christian group Meaning Machine, was able to capture a sweet photo of the mother and daughter and share it on Instagram. “Happy Birthday Eilee Kate Johnson. Megan was/is a professional and feels great. Her heart worked perfectly the whole time and Eilee introduced herself quickly and smooth. / I am a rich man!!!” the new dad wrote in the caption.

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Megan’s sudden death came as a complete shock to their friends and family. “They were so in love,” Meaning Machine bandmate Josh Wilson said of Johnson and his wife. “I’ve never seen a husband brag about his wife as much as Nathan. If you look at his social media, half of his posts are about her. Their deep love for each other makes it that much harder.”

“Nothing was wrong before that,” Wilson continued. “It was to the point [after the delivery] where their parents and grandparents said, ‘We’re going to go sleep, we’ll see you in the morning.’”

Wilson also explained that the doctors already assured her that getting pregnant would not be an issue with her condition. She got yearly checkups, and they monitored her closely throughout her pregnancy up to her delivery. The musician added that they still do not know the real reason for her death, but they were told that it was not related to her heart.

According to Wilson, the arrival of Eilee was a source of joy, but the family is also currently grieving for Megan’s passing. On Thursday, the family and friends gathered together to share stories about her and honor her memories. Megan’s funeral is set to be held on Sunday. Prior to her death, she signed a waiver to donate her eyes and other organs that would help others if she passed away.

To help Johnson and the grieving family, Wilson created a GoFundMe campaign that aims to support baby Eilee’s education. As of writing, the campaign has already raised over $350,000. “I can’t quit crying. Nathan and Eilee, we love you. Meg, we miss you. I’m raising the goal again. We’re sending this girl to college,” he wrote on the page.

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