Shopping for a teenage boy – whether it’s for a younger brother, nephew or the next-door neighbor – does not have to be torturous.

Every teen has some sort of niche interest. Perhaps an affinity for collecting vintage concert posters? Is he tech-savvy? Then a classic Led Zeppelin poster might be a good call, or he might need a decent hard drive for his laptop. And if you really have no clue, then opt for a functional gift. Is he packing up for college soon? Perhaps some dorm gear will serve him well in the future. Or maybe he sorely needs a new wallet. 

To keep you on track with your shopping, here are eight different gift ideas for the teenage boy on your holiday gift list.

Funny T-shirts: If you’re familiar with the sense of humor of the teen you are buying for, a comical T-shirt is a great and inexpensive gift option. Urban Outfitters always has a variety of hilarious shirts, and Café Press always has a good assortment of funny shirts – like this “Pollo” shirt.

Wallets: It might seem a little predictable, but since teen boys will require the use of an actual wallet, make sure they have a decent one. A quality men’s wallet definitely does not have to run you over $100 -- brands like Fossil, Polo Ralph Lauren, Herschel Supply Co. and Ted Baker all make great wallets and card cases and retail for under $90 on Nordstrom.

Concert Posters/Wall Decorations: This might be a little of a throwback gift for the young teen of today, but wall decorations, hangings and concert posters are a great call for teens, especially college-aged, who will be looking for good dorm decorations. Amazon has a wide assortment of posters, and even retailers like Target have some good music and movie posters (some come framed). All the better if you can track down an original concert poster via eBay.

Portable Speakers: A portable Bluetooth speaker is an item every teen could really use at some point. The Beats Pill 2.0 Portable speakers come in a range of colors and the JBL Pulse 2 speakers even colorful LED lights.

Video/Computer Games: If the teen in question is a prolific gamer, he might already have his game collection updated. Some good games to add to the collection might be the most recent Grand Theft Auto, BioShock or Overwatch. However, it’s still all matter of preference, so check with someone who knows the teen you’re buying for or consult a salesperson at Best Buy or GameSpot.

Smartwatch: Smartwatches are definitely a pricey gift, but they do make a versatile gift. The Apple Watch Nike+ is a sporty take on the classic Apple Watch and is designed for runners and athletes. The Samsung Gear S2 is another good model and was ranked one of the best smartwatches for 2016 by TechRadar.

Computer Accessories: From computer cases to key covers and hard drives to cord protectors, computer accessories are always necessary. Especially If you know the teen will be receiving a new laptop or desktop for the holidays.

Dorm Gear: For any teen who will be headed off to college next year, dorm items are the way to go. Before purchasing, it would be a good idea to consult with the teen about where they might be headed for university, or convene with their parents so you can get an idea of what the teen might already have stored away for the dorm. Simple, must-have dorm items like towels, shower caddies, or throw blankets are all items someone will need when they move into the dorms. Check out Bed Bath & Beyond for more items.