When Pokémon Go came out in the United States in July, the mobile game caused a complete frenzy across the country, so it’s not all that surprising that Pokémon toys are in high demand during the 2016 holiday season. The brand rolled out a variety of action figures, electronics and games to stuff in stockings for Pokémon lovers of all ages and parents may not want to wait until last minute to catch all the Pokémon gifts before Dec. 25.

Check out the list of some of the hottest Pokémon toys kids are hoping to see under the tree on Christmas below.

CNFT Pokémon Action Figures: The 144-piece figurine set is perfect for kids struggling to catch Pokémon on their mobile phones. The set includes some of the most popular Pokémon, including powered-up Pikachu and Mew.

Monopoly Pokémon Kanto Edition: The Pokémon-themed board game replaces Monopoly tokens like the thimble, wheelbarrow, boot shoe and ship with Pokémon favorites like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Pikachu and Squirtle. Instead of putting houses and hotels on Pokémon-inspired properties like Nidoking and Nidoqueen, players can purchase Poké Marts and Pokémon Centers instead. The game retails for $37.34.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon for Nintendo 3DS: The video games will certainly keep kids busy during the car ride to grandma’s house for Christmas dinner. Both games retail at $39.99.

Pokémon Clip N Carry Pokéball Belt: What’s a Pokémon trainer without the essential Pokéball belt? Don’t be the parent that has to find out the hard way. Help little ones keep their Pokémon under control and properly tucked away with the adjustable utility belt that’s perfect for catching and holding Pokémon. The belt comes in either red or blue with two Poké balls, two two-inch figures and two-attack tags for just $19.99.

How to Draw Pokémon starter kit: Kids can tap into their inner cartoonist with the 32-page drawing book featuring a 16-page practice page, 4 color posters and blank sticker sheets. The kit comes equipped with a Pokémon drawing pencil and sharpener, 2 Pokémon erasers, 4 twist crayons and a travel pencil pouch to carry all their drawing utensils.

20th Anniversary Stuffed Pokémon: Who wouldn’t want to curl up next to a plush Pikachu for $24.99 or Victini for just $16.99? There is a slew of different Pokémon characters that have been immortalized into small stuffed toys for kids of every age to snuggle up with at bedtime.