The Crackas With Attitude hackers told reporters Friday they have breached a law-enforcement portal run by the FBI. Above, hackers hold laptops in front of an illuminated wall at the annual Chaos Computer Club meeting in Hamburg, Germany, Dec. 28, 2012. Getty Images

The hackers who claimed to have breached the CIA director’s email account last month have a new target: the FBI. Days after the self-described teenagers said they gained access to FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano’s inbox, CNN reported the group broke into the bureau’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal where police organizations across the U.S. send each other information about all cases, including those that are ongoing or sealed.

The Crackas With Attitude members, who have previously identified themselves as marijuana-loving high-school students, apparently hacked into the website before Friday. They told Wired they accessed 3,000 government employees’ email addresses and phone numbers. They also indicated they had access to areas such as the Active Shooter Resources page, Homeland Security Information Network and National Gang Intelligence Center.

But FBI representative Carol Cratty would neither confirm nor deny the incident to CNN. “We have no comment on specific claims of hacktivism, but those who engage in such activities are breaking the law,” she said. “The FBI takes these matters very seriously.”

News of the latest hack came after word that Crackas With Attitude broke into Giuliano’s email account. They suggested they were motivated by the FBI investigation into their initial hack -- when the teenagers worked with WikiLeaks, purportedly in support of Palestinian freedom, to post documents containing a cellphone bill, an insurance card and other data obtained through CIA Director John Brennan’s accounts Oct. 19. No arrests have been made, the Hill reported.

One of the hackers told Wired he was taking a stand against the U.S. government for intervening in Afghanistan and Israel. “[I] just want people to u8nderstnad im not and never will be here for fame, im here for my message and thats it,” he wrote. “[I] just want people to know im doing this for palestine.”