Margaritas – made with tequila, triple sec and lime – are a popular Cinco de Mayo drink. Creative Commons

Margaritas and beer are the mainstays of most every Cinco de Mayo celebration. The day that combines some century-old, Mexican traditions and customs with a contemporary twist is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico but is widely celebrated in the U.S. among Mexican-Americans and those looking for a good time.

Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a Mexican festival commemorating the country’s victory over France during the 1862 Battle of Puebla. Although the French eventually overran the Mexican army, the win at Puebla was a symbolic victory for the Mexican government and a major morale boost for the country.

Festivities typically include street festivals, parades and mariachi, a popular style of Mexican folk music. Other traditions include eating traditional Mexican foods like Mole Poblano, chalupas and chiles en nogada, and dressing in the colors of the Mexican flag – red, white and green.

Whether your Cinco de Mayo celebration is large or small, keep the party going with these five drinking games for adults.

1. Quarters. This game is for smaller groups of three to six players. It’s a simple setup – you only need a table, glasses and a quarter. Fill each glass with an inch or two of your favorite Cinco de Mayo beer. Each person takes a turn bouncing the quarter off the table, attempting to make it into one of the glasses.

If the person bouncing the quarter makes it into a glass, he or she gets to pick who chugs the beer (after removing the quarter, of course.) If he or she misses, the quarter is passed to the next player.

2. 7-11 Doubles. You’ll need a 16 ounce glass, a table, beer and two dice. Position players around the table. Fill the cup three-fourths full with beer. Choose a player to start.

He or she rolls both dice. If a seven, 11, or doubles are rolled, he or she gets to choose a player to drink. If none of those are rolled, he or she passes the dice to the person to their left. Once someone has been chosen to drink, they must pick up the cup and start drinking. The player drinking must finish their beer before the next player rolls a seven, 11 or doubles. Drink fast! For complete rules, click here.

3. Drunk Jenga. Starting to wobble? That’s the idea behind this game that puts a grownup spin on popular childhood entertainment.

This one is pretty straight forward. You’ll need a Jenga set, for starters. Go around the table and start pulling blocks. Every time a player successfully removes a block, he or she gets to tell another player to drink. Are you the one who topples the whole tower? Chug a fresh beer!

4. Questions. Players go around the room asking each other questions, much like Truth or Dare. Answers must be in the form of yes or no, and everyone must answer without hesitation. The person who answers a question becomes the next questioner and can turn to any player and ask their question. If a question is repeated, the questioner drinks. If someone doesn’t answer with a yes or no, he or she drinks. Any laughing, and everyone drinks!

5. Good Ol’ Fashion Beer Pong. For those with good hand-to-eye coordination, this one’s for you. The idea is to get your opponent to drink by landing ping-pong balls into cups filled halfway with beer. For the complete rules and diagrams for how to set up beer pong, click here.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!