A racy performance on Dancing With the Stars in Argentina turned shocking -- even by South American standards -- when contestant Cinthia Fernandez took it all off for TV viewers and a studio audience, which included her parents.

By the time she got completely naked, Fernandez had already raised eyebrows by removing her skimpy bikini top to reveal gold-painted breasts. She gyrated across the stage with her partner (whose tight shorts couldn't hide his, ahem, enthusiasm) while the Bailando por un Sueño host appeared to become simultaneously fascinated and repelled: At one point, he lay down on the floor just inches from the couple, as if to get a better view, but at other times he gestured in objection to the raunchy striptease.

When Fernandez took it all off, the host covered a camera with his hand. But there were other cameras, and at least one of them caught it all. Click here to watch the naked performance via Gawker. (YouTube has sinced removed a video due to its explicit nudity).

Many South Americans have seen Fernandez in her birthday suit before. The former Big Brother contestant appears to be something of an exhibitionist, and has posed nude for photo shoots more than once.

Fernandez tweeted an apology for the incident.

Bailando por un Sueño has featured racy (read: topless) performances in the past, but this is the first time a contestant has gotten completely naked. And to think Americans were shocked by a Nancy Grace nip slip ...