Cleavage Appreciation Day nearly broke Twitter Friday as tweets with the #CleavageAppreciationDay hashtag swept across the social media site, trending nationally for parts of the day and filling Twitter feeds with racy tweets, appalled reactions and hilarious commentary.

The holiday, which no one seems to know the origins of, apparently falls on Jan. 25, and as such Twitter was overrun with tweets of barely concealed breasts, appreciative responses and condemning remarks.

It seems that it's a popular holiday, however, as perverts and exhibitionists throughout the Twitterverse came out of the woodwork to celebrate the occasion, while many other Twitter users used the hashtag to express their disgust at the spectacle.

We'll let you decide for yourself whether you want to peruse all the PG-13 photos that have flooded the Web throughout the course of the day Friday, which you can do by clicking here, but below we have compiled a wide range of the tweets that made the rounds during this least-holy of holidays.

@SavannahJoLore was one of many women who embraced the holiday: " ??? It's my day to shine! ;D Going big today. Everyone tell Savannah Lore thank you"

But there was a significant backlash from women who found the concept of a day for appreciating cleavage to be highly offensive and demeaning, as evidenced by this tweet by @LilNikkiXO: " is horrible.

Twitter user @MitchMarchand is one of many (likely pretty creepy) guys who expressed their appreciation for the event's existence: "I'm skeptical about the new Star Wars movies but I'm completely on board with .. who invented this great holiday?!"

Twitter user @ChristyLeigh poked fun at the lack of a need for such a day in the following tweet: "Seriously? is trending? I thought that was every day. "

@Alli_Katttt was one of many girls who lamented their state in relation to the holiday: " man, too bad I don't have cleavage...haha oh well! "

@GreekGent appeared to be turned off by all the mammaries on display Friday, as he engaged in this bit of light shaming Friday: "I'd appreciate it if you put that cleavage away. "

Whatever your thoughts are on the day, it's apparently a thing now.