A one-eyed kitten named Cleyed has become the most recent feline celebrity, gaining posthumous Internet fame after being featured in a tearjerking YouTube video.

The video titles “Cleyed the Cyclops, One Eyed Bengal Kitten” features the new born abnormal cat being cared for by veterinarians to the song “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. The viral video ends with a still image of the cyclops kitten, with the text “RIP Beautiful Cleyed, May You Touch Many Hearts.”

A Bengal cat gave birth to Cleyed along with two other kittens on Oct. 4, and YouTube user Absoluteangels1’s description claims that the pregnant cat who gave birth to the litter would have died if vets hadn’t performed a C-Section procedure.

“All of us in the operating room experienced a VERY RARE once in a lifetime (Hopefully) kitten births,” Absoluteangels1 claims in the video description. “To start off, both horns of the uterus were twisted together THREE times. After untwisting the horns our veterinarian started the surgery and she removed the first baby, the baby was handed to me and I started drying her off. A vet tech came in and I handed her the first baby and got the second kitten that our vet removed ...”

That second cat was Cleyed, who “floored” Absoluteangels1 because of his unusual appearance.

“I was in shock as I have only seen a picture of a cyclops kitten like this ONCE ever ... and that was on the Internet,” writes Absoluteangels1. “He was born alive and survived only a short time. This was a horribly sad experience, but very intriguing to us all.”

The cat was deformed, and because of his severe abnormalities, he couldn’t survive long outside of the womb. Absoluteangels1 states that the Cleyed would have been blind, and didn’t have a nose, so he wouldn’t have been able to eat.

After the cyclops kitten was delivered, another cat was brought into the world. The YouTube description notes that the two newborn kittens and the mother are all healthy.

The video has been viewed nearly 50 thousand times in only a four day period.

“What a beautiful little soul, had he made it to live I know many people would have wanted to adopt and care for him, me being one of them,” writes YouTube user Sandeez64. “Such a very, very rare thing to happen, I have never heard of it before. How unique and special is he! To me he was a beautiful little boy and so very rare and dear. Rest in Peace over the Rainbow Bridge where how you look does not matter.”

“Just cried my eyes out watching that, so sad that he didn't survive,” comments Arithealla. “Beautiful little kitten, thanks for sharing.”